Payday 2 Maps

Point Of No Return

This will add a custom Point Of No Return to your level to use with PointOfNoReturn Elements.

Shortcut: 'tweakdatapd2.lua'

Adding the hook

Create a new folder in your map folder called "Hooks".

Inside the hooks folder, create a new file called "tweakdatapd2.lua".

Copy the following XML into your map's main.xml:

When inside main node (Will be loaded globally at all times.)

<Hooks directory="Hooks"> <hook file="tweakdatapd2.lua" source_file="lib/tweak_data/tweakdatapd2"/> </Hooks>

When inside <level> or <instance> node (Will only be loaded inside your custom level.)

<hooks directory="Hooks"> <hook file="tweakdatapd2.lua" source_file="lib/tweak_data/tweakdatapd2"/> </hooks>

Optimally you want the equipment to only be loaded in the level you need it in.


Copy the following code into your tweakdatapd2.lua you created earlier:

Hooks:PostHook( TweakData, "_setup_point_of_no_returns", "custom_ponr", function(self) self.point_of_no_returns.(your ponr id here) = { color = Color(1, 1, 0, 0), timer_flash_color = Color(1, 1, 0.8, 0.2), attention_color = Color(1, 1, 1, 1), scale_box = true, text_id = "hud_assault_point_no_(ponr id)" } end)

* Change "custom_ponr" to something unique.


The color of the text and HUD elements.


The color in which the timer flashes every second.


The color in which the box background flashes.



Set to true to have the box scale with the text. If false, the box will have a set size.


The string ID for the text of your PONR. Needs to be localized.
Overkill usually uses "hud_assault_point_no_ponr id".

* Your localized string can glitch the box if it's too long, even with scale_box = true.