GenSec and Washington have partnered on a big project, released to the public few days ago, its called the ICP, short for "Intelligent City Plan" :
It's a brand new system that interconnect all the facilities of the city; for better response time, including CCTV and police units, some say it's even able to predict crimes. We can't leave this happen, he must make it stop fast as possible, we can't just go into the mainframe, it would be suicide : First step will be going to one of the remote and less guarded facility and find a security breach.

You will be going into one of their truck garage, well automated, it's one of the local server that plan everything related to their truck, find a way in the server, identificate a truck with the route we need and plan a new stop with the correct tools, we will use that truck as our Trojan horse to the mainframe facility.


• Crew spawn masked at one of the outer perimeter walls
• Enter the facility
• Find the keycard
• Disable the lasers [with keycard]
• Enter the server
Use the server [give players graphics showing vehicles routes & ID]
• Place a gps tracker on the truck using the DT-3 route [found by ID]
• Search employees computer for procedures [each contain box codes for each procedures]
• Disable the 2 security box relays [to unlock tools crate]
• Find and change tools in the 2 indicated crates
• Escape!

If alarm is raised at any points, objectives stay the same as stealth, with slight changes :
• Keycard has no use, laser are disabled
• All computer require now 40 seconds hack with a power box to defend.
• Crew need to make a red herring before escaping : find and secure the 4 upgraded bags of drills.
• Crew need to wait 1 minute for an escape and loot secure vehicle to come
• Stealth escape is disabled

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